Our largest customer base originates from the Commercial and Private sector. These are the privately owned and operated businesses, real estate developments, and condominium associations which seek to make improvements to their existing infrastructure or to build a new structure from the ground up; and homeowners seeking to enhance their residential property.

As a group, this market sector is the engine that drives our economy and as a group this market sector demands cost effectiveness and efficiency. It is here that the value provided by Shoreline Foundation is most appreciated and best understood. Our ability to evaluate each project in the context of previous projects and experiences gained over time, enables Shoreline Foundation to offer value engineering and savings to our customers. Once the project commences, our project management and efficient construction methodologies enable us to complete projects within or below budget and on schedule. As a privately held company, Shoreline Foundation is a part of the commercial and private sector. We understand your needs and we will treat you with the respect that you deserve.

The following is a selection of projects which are representative of the depth of expertise and excellence in construction consistently delivered by Shoreline Foundation.

Signature Projects


Auger Cast Foundation System & Bulkhead Replacement

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