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Jesse Enterprises Inc
(for Hard Rock Hotel and Casino)

Hollywood, Florida

Engineer of Record
Jenkins & Charland
(now TRC Worldwide Engineering)

Date of Completion
February 2006

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida is a landmark tourist destination located on 100 acres of the Hollywood Reservation of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The site features a hotel casino, a 4-acre lagoon-style pool, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and the “Hard Rock Live” concert theater. To accommodate the thousands of people arriving each day, the complex added the 2,300 space Lucky Street parking garage. This multistory garage is located over a vast labyrinth of utility lines and support systems that service the entire complex.

The painstaking task of locating and working around the hundreds of utility lines which crisscross the property at various elevations and angles was undertaken by the Deep Foundation Division of Shoreline Foundation. Just below the surface of the open field that would be transformed into the mega garage, all of the water lines, gas lines, fiber optic cables, power lines, and fuel lines were woven together in a layer upon layer maze of piping. In between and around this utility weave, Shoreline Foundation installed hundreds of 18 inch diameter, 60 foot long concrete auger cast piles.

To accomplish this task, each and every location designated for pile installation was explored using a soft dig process. Specialty vacuum trucks were utilized to clear away the rock, sand and soil that buried the utility lines. Once it was determined that all utility lines had been exposed and located, the auger equipment was brought into position and the drilling operation commenced. The pile caps were designed and built for each unique location so as not to interfere with the utility lines. The project required working in unison with the engineer of record, as each foundation location was custom tailored to each unique location.

Shoreline Foundation completed the project on time and without causing damage to any of the utility lines that made the working conditions so challenging. The garage structure was constructed by a tilt-up construction contractor and the Lucky Street parking garage joined the amenities of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.