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Skanska (for EcoGroup Inc)

Tampa Bay, Florida

Engineer of Record
Moffat & Nichols

Date of Completion
November 2006

Contract Bond
$1.4 million

The New Port Tampa Bay was a billion dollar waterfront development scheduled for occupancy at the end of 2008. A total of 1,250 condominium and townhouse units were slated for development on a 52 acre waterfront parcel near Gandy and Westshore boulevards in south Tampa Bay. With a waterfront-village lifestyle, the site was to feature a bay-walk that connected the entire community and include a luxury marina for vessels up to 125 feet in length

To stabilize the shoreline in advance of the upland development, Shoreline Foundation was contracted to construct a 1,600 foot tie-back steel sheet pile bulkhead with a 9 foot deep concrete curtain and measuring over 1,600 lineal feet in length. The concrete curtain extended 1 foot below the surface of the water at low tide. All work on this project was performed in compliance with Skanska’s rigorous safety program. Prior to the commencement of work each day, a risk assessment and safety planning meeting was held. The safety protocol for diving required the filing of a written dive plan which included the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Installation of the tie-back system kept pace with the installation and served to retain future development loads. Anchoring of the tie-backs included the placement and compaction of thousands of cubic yards of supplementary fill material. Multiple concrete collars were formed and poured for the many outfall pipes which penetrated thru the wall; the largest pipe being 72 inches in diameter. All outfall pipes extended well beyond the face of the bulkhead.

Shoreline Foundation specializes in the construction of marine bulkheads and completed the installation of this complex bulkhead 30 days ahead of scheduled and within budget.