John McGee, Vice President

As a Vice President and founding partner of SFI John McGee has earned a great reputation for accepting nothing less than excellence in marine and pile driving construction. John has extensive knowledge in successful company management and financial policies. John has demonstrated his managerial skills on a variety of projects that range from management of the design process through completion of construction, interacting with design teams, and clients. He possesses expertise in construction specifications analysis and has a comprehensive knowledge of current architectural, structural, and mechanical systems.

Barry Reed, Vice President

Barry is an accomplished Project Management Executive with demonstrated strengths in marine construction operations as well as large scale, high-end, multi-million dollar projects. He is an extremely hands on partner, directly accessible to clients with a proven ability to continuously deliver results. His technical expertise is in deep foundation pile shoring design as well as strong capabilities in underground shoring. He is very versatile in design/build process of marinas with an expertise in excavation. Barry is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating all field activities for ongoing projects.

Tony Royo, President

A Senior-level Business Management Executive, James (a.ka. Tony) Royo has more than 35 years of diverse experience. He has a proven record of developing business growth programs as well as implementing directives achieving powerful, sustainable results. As a Founding Partner, Tony has served as President of Shoreline Foundation, Inc. since its inception in 1986 and has led the company in its expanding success. Tony serves as the chief strategist, responsible for leading the company’s strategic management processes and development activities as well as managing the relationship between Shoreline Foundation and it’s alliance partners.