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Paverini Construction
(for Lennar Developers Inc)

North Bay Village, Florida

Engineer of Record
Coastal Systems International

Date of Completion
Janurary 2006

Contract Bond
$ 1.9 million

Like much of Miami Beach, the real estate known today as North Bay Village was once covered by the waters of Biscayne Bay. The only dry land in this area was Broadcast Key, a 5-acre island from which pioneer radio station WIOD began broadcasting in 1926. In 1940, dredging and bulkheading created North Bay Island. By 1941, palm-lined streets had been laid out, and 12 homes had been built and occupied. Multistory residential apartment buildings would dominate the landscape on the north side of the causeway that bisects the Island. In the year 2000 these older waterfront buildings would be replaced by high-rise luxury condominium buildings. In 2004, Lennar Developers would break ground on the 360 Condominium, a unique two-structure marina community condominium residence situated on 6.5 acres of prime North Bay Village waterfront property.

Shoreline Foundation was selected as the contractor to replace the existing 970 lineal foot long bulkhead and install the foundation systems to support the mammoth structure of 414 residential units contained in two towers and two townhouse buildings. The 360 Condominium required that hundreds of 18 inch diameter, 60 foot long auger cast piles be installed at precise locations throughout the property. Once cured, the area around each cluster of piles was excavated, the foundation footers were formed, steel rebar structures were set in place and concrete was poured to complete the foundation. The number of auger cast piles installed and foundations constructed required over 4 months to complete. Replacing the existing concrete bulkhead required the removal of the existing concrete cap and the installation of a steel sheet pile cantilever wall directly in front of the existing concrete panels. With the property cleared of all structures, the bulkhead was installed from the upland and was completed in less than 60 days.

The foundation system that Shoreline Foundation installed for the 360 Condominium is representative of the specialty deep foundations that we have constructed at hundreds of locations throughout south Florida and the Caribbean.