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Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Key Biscayne, Florida

Engineer of Record
CES Engineering

Date of Completion
July 2006

Contract Bond
$1.3 million

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club was established in January of 1955 to serve the needs of “local” boaters and their families. This members-only club is as much a part of the history of Key Biscayne as the coconut palms that grow on the island. Back when gasoline sold for 30 cents a gallon, the club consisted mostly of a boat ramp and a watering hole where club members could gather to swap fishing stories . Over time, as the club grew in prestige and membership, so did its amenities and docking facilities.

Fast forward to 2006. After an extensive selection process, Shoreline Foundation was chosen as the marine contractor to rebuild the center dock at the Club. At 500 feet in length, it is the largest dock at the Club, with capacity for up to 52 vessels. The dock had fallen into disrepair after a losing battle with a series of hurricanes.

The demolition process began with the removal of the old wood and concrete dock and the pulling of all fender and mooring piles. Construction of the new dock, which was designed to maximize protection of the utility lines, began with the installation of new 14 inch x 14 inch concrete pilings. Prefabricated concrete pile caps and the placement of prefabricated concrete slabs followed and completed the substructure of the dock. After the electric, fire, and water utility lines were secured , the second layer of decking was built on top of the substructure. Third generation composite fiberglass decking material was utilized in the construction of this top decking layer. Extending from the dock at assorted locations, 5 main finger piers and a series of smaller finger piers, (totaling 700 feet in length), were constructed as part of the new dock. Installation of new pressure treated southern pipe fender and mooring piles, and connection of new power pedestals, completed the reconstruction of the center dock. To extend the life of major sections of the existing seawall, new steel tie-rods were also installed as part of the restoration of the marina.

Shoreline Foundation is now part of the history of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club and looks forward to serving its membership again in future years.