HAULOVER PARK MARINA – Bill BirdMarina at Haulover Park

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Miami-Dade County Parks
& Recreation Department

Miami Beach, Florida

Engineer of Record
Botas Engineering Inc.
Consulting Engineering & Science

Contract Bond
$14 million (Phase I & II)

According to folklore, the ocean inlet at the north end of Miami Beach, derived its name in the late 1800’s from a man named Baker who hauled small boats over the sandbar that separated the bay from the ocean. In 1925, the Bakers Haulover Inlet was dredged through this sandbar and, in 1926, the Haulover Beach Sportfishing Docks were built. In the early 1950’s the docks were replaced by a marina, which, along with 180 acres of surrounding property, become Haulover Park, a part of the Dade County Parks Department. In 2002, the Haulover Park Master Plan would facilitate the most significant upgrade to the marina in more than 50 years.

Shoreline Foundation began the first phase of this reconstruction effort in March of 2004. The project required the construction of a new 1,608 lineal foot concrete breakwater with in-water aluminum wave attenuator panels. Designed for pedestrian use, the breakwater was fully lighted and featured removable fiberglass insert panels that provide access to all utility lines. Greenheart fender piles installed at 12 foot intervals provide marginal mooring along both sides of the entire breakwater. This first phase also included the construction of a 45 slip, 10 foot wide by 600 foot long, marginal dock with power pedestals for use by the charter boat fleet.

Shoreline Foundation was awarded the second phase of the reconstruction and began construction in March of 2008. Work began with the simultaneous excavation of 47,000 cubic yards of upland property, the construction of a 625 lineal foot concrete bulkhead with tie-back anchors and the demolition of the existing concrete piers. Four new main piers, designed to accommodate 85 additional vessels were constructed in the new basin, which was dredged to an average depth of 8 feet. The previously existing 600 lineal foot steel sheet pile bulkhead was removed upon completion of the excavated basin. A new floating ADA accessible dock was installed at the new bulkhead. All pre-cast concrete sections for the concrete docks and the concrete bulkhead were manufactured on site at the north end of the Park.

Shoreline Foundation is honored to have built this legacy project for the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation Department.