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City of Miami (Phases I, II, & III)
Miami-Dade County (Phase IV)

Miami, Florida

Engineer of Record
Edwards & Kelcey / Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Date of Completion
December 2009

Contract Bond
$20.9 Million (All 4 Phases)

Bicentennial Park, is located in the heart of downtown Miami and served as the location of original Port of Miami back in 1896. In 1915, city officials authorized plans for a public terminal, turning basin and channel deepening project, and the Port of Miami became a primary shipping hub for South Florida. In 1956, Dodge Island was annexed for port expansion and the bulkhead at Bicentennial Park would gradually fall into disrepair.

In 2000, the Miami City Commission committed itself to the revitalization of the Park which would include its renaming as Museum Park. Shoreline Foundation was selected as the contractor to begin this renewal effort with the reconstruction of the entire 4,491 lineal foot bulkhead. The project was so expansive in scale that it was divided into four distinct but contiguous projects by the City of Miami and Metro-Dade County.

The replacement of the bulkhead began with the delicate operation of demolishing and removing the existing structure without causing any impact to the surface waters of Biscayne Bay. Phases I, II, and III, were undertaken by the City of Miami and resulted in the replacement of 2,600 lineal feet, 430 lineal feet, and 850 lineal feet of bulkhead respectively, for a total of 3,880 lineal feet. Over 3,268 lineal feet of cantilevered bulkhead were installed utilizing steel sheet pile and steel H-piles ranging in size from 50 to 65 feet in length. Driven deep into the substrate, each section of sheet pile received an epoxy coating treatment designed to greatly extend the life of the bulkhead. The wall was finished with a 42 inch concrete cap and a contiguous concrete curtain which extends down below the water line at low tide. Phase 4 provided for the demolition and replacement of the final 611 lineal feet of bulkhead, with the project terminating at the Port of Miami bridge. Designated as “Parcel B” by property owner Miami-Dade County, the bulkhead in this location required the use of custom fabricated 65 foot long epoxy-coated steel sheeting.

During construction, Shoreline Foundation assisted the municipalities with the logistics of utilizing the new bulkhead as a temporary mooring facilitiy for the visiting tall ships “Eagle” (U.S. Coast Guard) and “Cuauhtemoc” (Mexican Navy).