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Canaveral Port Authority

Port Canaveral, Florida

Engineer of Record

Date of Completion
September 2009

Contract Bond
$1.5 million

Located in central Brevard County, Port Canaveral dates back to 1878 when the Navy first asked Congress to approve construction of a deepwater port. The Port was dedicated in 1953 and initially catered to the commercial fishing industry, with cargo vessels following shortly thereafter. The Port provides critical support to the Space Program, continues to emerge as a major container terminal destination and is home to a growing number of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Shoreline Foundation was awarded the contract to facilitate the extension of the pier and the modification of the dolphin pilings as part of the berthing improvements for Cruise Terminal 10. The contract required that all work be performed when cruise ships were not in Port. This mandate meant that work could only be undertaken in daylight two days per work week. The bulk of the remaining work was performed at night and on weekends.

Construction of the 90 foot long pier began with the installation of twelve, 100 foot long, 24 inch square piles and six, 110 foot long 18 inch square piles. The existing pile caps were demolished to accommodate the new pile caps. Simultaneously, 50 foot long sections of 66 inch diameter pipe, (with a wall thickness of 1.5 inches), were set in place in specially fabricated steel templates. Each pipe was welded to a second 50 foot long section by a four man welding crew working for up to 16 consecutive hours per pipe. It was then driven into the bottom to an elevation of minus 80 feet. New pile caps were poured and the 27 pre-cast concrete deck sections set in place to complete construction of the pier extension. The two 100 foot long pipes were driven to a depth of minus 80 feet, and form work began for the concrete structure designed to connect the pipes and support the installation of two massive mooring bollards. The volume of concrete utilized for this structure required that the concrete be poured on two separate occasions. The completed mooring system is a substantial structure designed to serve the goliath cruise ships of the future.

Shoreline Foundation looks forward to continuing to provide the Canaveral Port Authority with the best in marine construction and deep foundation services.