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Pinellas County

Verde, FL 33715

Engineer of Record:

Date of Completion:
August 8, 2023

Shoreline Foundation, Inc. (SFI) recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the replacement of the former Bay Fishing Pier and Bait shop at Fort Desoto Park. This accomplishment involved constructing an expansive new pier that includes a covered shade structure, a gangway leading to the ferry launch, mooring pilings, ADA-accessible railing fishing stations, environmentally-friendly turtle-friendly bollard lighting, fish cleaning stations, and quick-connect hose bibs for easy maintenance. We’ve also taken steps to restore the area’s natural beauty by reintroducing native grasses and dune plants.

In our commitment to safety and convenience, we’ve implemented modern electrical controls, including sunset-to-sunrise photocells for the pier’s lighting. Additionally, we’ve enhanced accessibility by removing and replacing park sidewalks leading to the pier. Notably, the Pier’s rich history dates back to 1943 and spans an impressive 520 feet from the upland terminus, extending water-ward to the T-section, which adds an additional 286 feet to its length.