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Derecktor Dania

Dania Beach, Florida

Engineer of Record:
Cummins Cederberg

Date of Completion:
October 2019

Construction cost:

Shoreline Foundation Inc, (SFI), was contracted by Derecktor Dania to lengthen the piers utilized by the shipyard’s 900-ton Cimolai travel lift by an additional 15 feet. The project, engineered by Cummins Cederberg of Miami, now allows Derecktor Dania to fully utilize the lifting capacity of the Cimolai travel lift and permit vessels up to 220 feet in overall length to be routinely lifted ashore.
The construction by SFI included the Installation of Twelve (12) New 24” x 24” x 65’ concrete piles and the forming & pouring of two (2) separate monolith concrete pile caps measuring 15’ x 15’ x 2.5’ complete with galvanized reinforcing rebar. The construction process, which was completed in just over 60 days, is documented in the above photos.

“The expansion allows for a greater number of the large yachts frequenting Port Everglades to use the shipyard and provides another hauling option for the South Florida market,” said James Brewer of Derectkor.